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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three new cloud hosting providers available in Cloudorado

Today we have added 3 new cloud server hosting providers: Storm on Demand, ElasticHosts and Atlantic.Net.

Storm on Demand should be welcome by the most demanding customers. They have unique offer called Bare Metal Servers where a cloud server fully occupy a physical machine without sharing with any other cloud server. Such servers are still automatically provisioned and charged on hourly basis. Storm on Demand also provides probably the biggest cloud servers in the market – up to 32 cores and 96 GB RAM.

ElasticHosts is UK based IaaS provider that has datacenters in both United States and United Kingdom. This offer should be interesting for those who need to provide services in both North America and Europe.

Atlantic.Net has 18 years of experience in hosting solutions. Therefore they provide full portfolio of hosting capabilities. Starting from collocation, though dedicated servers and finishing on public and private clouds. This provides more capabilities for those who need more than just cloud servers.

Check prices for your cloud server needs at the new cloud providers with Cloudorado.

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  1. This is a good expansion wherein more to choose from for the potential clients. The specifications are very competitive like them hpc servers.


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