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Friday, July 1, 2011

Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure switch to free incoming transfer

Today both Amazon and Microsoft have updated pricelists of their cloud solutions. Started by Microsoft Windows Azure and followed by Amazon AWS incoming transfer will be now free. Apart from that Amazon also reduced incoming transfer fees by 20% and more. It is a noticeable event because Amazon did not change price lists for a long time.

Free incoming traffic is not uncommon thing among cloud computing providers, but rather as a differentiator for Amazon’s competition.  We expect that the change done by the big players will cause updates in pricing for other vendors as well, making it an industry standard.

The change will be most notable for applications which mostly require incoming transfer, like crawling or backups.

Check with Cloudorado how the change will affect price for your cloud server needs. Cloudorado is obviously already using the latest prices.

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