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Friday, July 15, 2011

Filtering results with data center location

We have just added a new functionality - filtering with location of the cloud data center. Location is very important factor when choosing a cloud hosting provider, since network application performance, page load times in particular, strongly depends on latency which is proportional to distance. Therefore try to choose cloud providers which have data centers close to your users.

To filter results by location use tabs just above the result table. Currently tabs are for continents only, which should be enough in far the most cases. For providers that have price lists dependent on data center location (eg. Amazon EC2), the price will update to prices in the selected region. If there are multiple data centers with different price lists in the selected region, the cheapest one in this region will be used.

We hope it will make the process of provider comparison even more accurate and result in finding really the best cloud hosting provider for your needs.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three new cloud hosting providers available in Cloudorado

Today we have added 3 new cloud server hosting providers: Storm on Demand, ElasticHosts and Atlantic.Net.

Storm on Demand should be welcome by the most demanding customers. They have unique offer called Bare Metal Servers where a cloud server fully occupy a physical machine without sharing with any other cloud server. Such servers are still automatically provisioned and charged on hourly basis. Storm on Demand also provides probably the biggest cloud servers in the market – up to 32 cores and 96 GB RAM.

ElasticHosts is UK based IaaS provider that has datacenters in both United States and United Kingdom. This offer should be interesting for those who need to provide services in both North America and Europe.

Atlantic.Net has 18 years of experience in hosting solutions. Therefore they provide full portfolio of hosting capabilities. Starting from collocation, though dedicated servers and finishing on public and private clouds. This provides more capabilities for those who need more than just cloud servers.

Check prices for your cloud server needs at the new cloud providers with Cloudorado.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure switch to free incoming transfer

Today both Amazon and Microsoft have updated pricelists of their cloud solutions. Started by Microsoft Windows Azure and followed by Amazon AWS incoming transfer will be now free. Apart from that Amazon also reduced incoming transfer fees by 20% and more. It is a noticeable event because Amazon did not change price lists for a long time.

Free incoming traffic is not uncommon thing among cloud computing providers, but rather as a differentiator for Amazon’s competition.  We expect that the change done by the big players will cause updates in pricing for other vendors as well, making it an industry standard.

The change will be most notable for applications which mostly require incoming transfer, like crawling or backups.

Check with Cloudorado how the change will affect price for your cloud server needs. Cloudorado is obviously already using the latest prices.