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Monday, September 24, 2012

A new cloud computing provider for comparison – Stratogen

It has been a while since last noticeable update to the service. We are working hard to deliver you the next version of the service, which will allow you to do even more cloud provider comparisons to support you with data-driven decisions. So keep your eye on Cloudorado. Meanwhile we have added a new provider.

Stratogen is a cloud computing provider based on VM Ware vCloud Director, which makes it perfect if you want to move servers from your VM Ware-based data center to the cloud. It is as easy as exporting OVF and importing it to Stratogen.

Stratogen cloud servers are hosted in tier 3 data centers in both US and UK which also have ISO27001 certification. Stratogen is strongly focusing on network, providing 100% SLA, 10 Gb N+N redundancy. It is using Cisco infrastructure. On top of that, the internet transfer is for free, which makes it an interesting option for network-intensive solutions. Servers are equipped with Intel E5, which delivers a lot of power to your cloud servers.

There is both monthly and hourly pricing available which you can mix depending on your needs. And on top of that there is a 7 day trial period with a generous quota so you can really feel the power of the cloud. And if it wasn’t enough, there is still 30 day money back guarantee. So you have no risk to try it.

So, as usually – compare cloud computing providers and check if Stratogen is the perfect match for your needs.