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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DediServe – a new cloud hosting provider in Cloudorado

Today we have added a new provider to the Cloudorado – DediServe. DediServe is a provider with data centers in both US (Dallas) and Europe (London). Servers are billed on a monthly basis and also have transfer included (up to 4 TB). Incoming transfer is not billed and if the outgoing limit is exceeded, it is charged on a level of 3 cents per GB, which is the lowest price so far. This might be a good choice for transfer intensive applications. There are also many other items included in price - most notable backups, Windows Server Web Edition and support. 

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  1. Is there any chance this can also be integrated into the Australian servers? This looks very cost-effective based on the specs and parameters, I reckon. computer support bristol


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